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Conflict Competence – The Courses

Decode Your Conflict Behaviour

Interactive Webinar

Why join?

Do you struggle with conflict at work? Or at home?
Do you wish that there was a way of handling conflict constructively?
With the help of this interactive webinar you will better understand your own conflict behaviour.
You will take important steps towards finding mutually satisfactory solutions.
The webinar is very interactive. It includes
  • 2 group exercises of 15 minutes each in groups of 3 in breakout rooms
  • test of your personal conflict behaviour including evaluation
Start decoding your conflict behaviour now.
Experience your first changes towards more conflict competence immediately.


  • Welcome & introduction
  • Tension between I and You – introduction, group exercise, discussion
  • Tension in the context of constructive and destructive behaviour
  • Recognising one’s own conflict behaviour – introduction, individual test, evaluation
  • Understanding behaviour patterns – introduction, group exercise, discussion
  • Reflection on next steps

Technical requirements


A device with which participation in breakout sessions and the use of virtual whiteboards or MentiMeter works well

150 minutes incl. 1 break

On Zoom


239 Euro +VAT

Transform Your Conflicts – The 12 Week Programme

Interactive Online Program - new dates coming soon

You want to be the first to hear about new dates?

  • Understanding conflicts instead of avoiding them
  • Recognising one’s own behaviour and that of the conflict partners
  • Four essential skills for constructive conflict resolution
  • Defusing conflicts through an open communication style
  • From the winner-loser syndrome to behaviour appropriate to the situation

12 weeks

2 hours per week


2.299 Euro +VAT

  • Find inner clarity
  • From being against each other to being with each other
  • From misunderstanding to understanding
  • From mistrust to trust
  • From conflict to cooperation

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"Decode Your Conflict Behaviour"

"Transform Your Conflicts